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Dominik, Francine, Marie, Serge


Toppop is a game about popcorns escaping from the popcorn factory Toppop.
Becuase they are enraged at being in the factory, they can pop at will.


This section covers the deliverables for the game class.

Part 1: Proposal Chapter

Part 2: Prototype Chapter

Part 3: Interim Release Chapter

Part 4: Alpha Release Chapter

Part 5: Playtest Chapter

Part 6: Conclusion Chapter

Project Status

Gobo Release

Final Release and Trailer

Demos and Screenshots


I Attachment History Action Size Date Who Comment
PDFpdf Toppop_Alpha_Release.pdf r2 r1 manage 5526.7 K 2016-06-03 - 18:57 MarieWoon Alpha Release Chapter
PDFpdf Toppop_Conclusion.pdf r2 r1 manage 5692.4 K 2016-06-03 - 18:58 MarieWoon The Conclusion Chapter
PDFpdf Toppop_GameProposalDraft.pdf r1 manage 952.5 K 2016-03-07 - 02:31 DominikBorer Toppop Rough Draft
PDFpdf Toppop_GameProposalFinal.pdf r1 manage 994.8 K 2016-03-14 - 12:56 DominikBorer Toppop Final Game Proposal
PDFpdf Toppop_Interim_Report.pdf r2 r1 manage 3577.9 K 2016-06-03 - 18:56 MarieWoon Interim Chapter
PDFpdf Toppop_PhysicalPrototype.pdf r2 r1 manage 2675.3 K 2016-03-21 - 14:48 MarieWoon Corrected version of prototype chapter
PDFpdf Toppop_Playtesting.pdf r2 r1 manage 2880.3 K 2016-06-03 - 18:57 MarieWoon Playtesting Chapter
JPEGjpg Toppop_splash.jpg r1 manage 131.8 K 2016-05-11 - 03:03 MarieWoon  
JPEGjpg level.jpg r1 manage 330.5 K 2016-05-11 - 03:10 MarieWoon An example level
JPEGjpg main_menu.jpg r1 manage 282.9 K 2016-05-11 - 03:07 MarieWoon main menu

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